who we are

Alterno management is a global management-company founded 1994, with offices in Stockholm, Sweden, Washington, USA and Toronto, Canada. We continuously stride to be leaders in the market as advisors and to support full-service to our clients. We believe that “clients are everything” and they should focus on their goals while we do what we do best, give the client advice and opportunities to develop and jointly achieve the goals we set. Alterno management is divided in three different divisions, such as Hockey, Football and media. We all work with 100% support and to be able to give best advice and support we are very selective when it comes to new clients.


what we do

With many years of experience playing and coaching the game, and manage players, we understand and execute at the clients best interests at all times.
Through many years of negotiation and experience of the market in both Europe and North America we provide expertise.
Have you reached your potential? We believe that keep learning/reflecting is the key for your own development witch leads to success. Want to be a part of it?
Professionals managing Your lifestyle economy and liabilities is a relief between practices, games and traveling.
Making most of your career can be hard to do by yourself, advice and help with endorsement and building your own brand is part of what we help out with.

team alterno